Temesil packed HPLC columns

Temesil­ features

* 100% compatible packing material to Waters Spherisorb®

* Available in a range of common phases

* Available in a range of particle sizes

* Carefully packed to ensure low back pressures and excellent column to column reproducibility

* Supplied with test mixture and quality control performance report.

Temesil columns undergo the most stringent quality control conditions in an ISO9002 approved laboratory. Temesil columns provide the same chromatographic performance as Spherisorb with lower column back pressures.

Materials include silica (Si), Octyl (C8), Octadecyl (ODS1 and ODS2) and Phenyl.

Particle size is commonly 5µm though other particle sizes are available.

Temesil HPLC guard cartridges are also available.

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