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High quality, low cost •red packed HPLC columns. •red has a range of columns for a big variety of HPLC Assay.

HPLC columns from •red are suitable for a selection of HPLC assays, reverse phase HPLC columns, Gradient HPLC, Preparative HPLC and so on.

HPLC column selection is wide due to the many parameters, C8 columns, C18 columns also don’t forget your guard column. •red HPLC Chromatography supplies, including reverse phase HPLC columns, chromatography vials and more.

If you cannot find the column that best suits your HPLC application just contact •red here

Temesil packed HPLC conventional column.

Temesil­ features

* 100% compatible Temesil packing material to Waters Spherisorb®

* Available in a range of common phases

* Available in a range of particle sizes

* Carefully packed to ensure low back pressures and excellent column to column reproducibility

* Supplied with test mixture and quality control performance report.

Temesil columns undergo the most stringent quality …more