Packed Columns

Packed columns still retain an important place in gas chromatography analysis. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • their very high capacity - direct injection is the norm rather than the exception
  • their very high selectivity and applicability with porous polymers and other packing materials used for gas and high volatility liquids testing
  • their practical importance especially on-plant and in areas where robust columns are demanded. Use with GCs equipped with injection and switching valves
  • their simplicity for installation and use especially for on-line and at-line operation and with non-technical operatives

Packed columns are usually offered in two materials, stainless steel and glass. The following information is needed to fully specify a column:

  • The following information is required to calculate the column price and order the column:
  • Outer material: glass
  • Length (in m or ft):
  • Outer diameter (in mm or usually ", 1/8" or 1/4" typically):
  • Inner diameter or bore (in mm or "):
  • Liquid coating (eg Carbowax 400) and
  • Support (eg 80/100 mesh Chromosorb WHP):
  • or
  • (instead of liquid coating and support) Solid phase (eg Porapak Q) with mesh size
  • For ALL glass columns, the shape/bend particular to each instrument configuration is required. ie which instrument is the column for, and what injector/detector configuration:
  • Special items/requirements (eg preconditioning; supply of test chromatogram):