Screw top vials

.red® vials are produced from:

Hydrolytic class 1 – transparent glass, brown glass

Hydrolytic class 2 – brown glass

Hydrolytic class 3 (transparent glass) generally is not used for chromatography vials

Products are offered in standard dimensions according to the specifications below.

Vials conform to DIN and other recognised standards where a standard exists.

Line drawing, amber screw top vial

DRAW_SL-.red_screwneck vialamber_130-AF-202-3-6-7-10-11.pdf

Line drawing, clear screw top vial

DRAW_SL-.red_screwneck vialclear_130-AF-200-1-4-5-8-9.pdf

Vials for use with 9mm Caps:

Vials are not compatible with 8mm or 10mm caps

Screw caps 9mm PTFE-faced

For use with 2mL screw top vials

Silicone septa-seal

Features Search option:

Standard caps = The Industry Standard Cap

Mass spectrometry grade = Manufactured to the highest specification for extreme applications

Agilent style = Offers those colour combinations associated with Agilent caps