GC Column Application Database

dot-red GC Application Database - Example application chromatogram for Pesticides.

dot-red GC Application Database - Example application chromatogram for Pesticides.

Expansion of •red® branded products continues with the launch of ‘DR-‘ fused silica capillary GC columns. The GC column range includes:

  • columns for routine applications from the low polarity DR1 to the very high polarity DR-10
  • columns for high speed separations – narrow bore, thin film columns for lightening fast GC separations
  • columns for high temperature separations, extending the operating range and usefulness of conventional phases
  • columns for mass spectrometry – especially treated columns marked with industry benchmark low bleed levels
  • custom capillary columns designed for those awkward separations not covered by the standard range
    chiral columns – a range of beta- and gamma- cyclodextrin based chiral columns for enantiomer separations

GC Column prices

The ‘DR-‘ Gas Chromatography columns are very competitively priced with no compromise on product quality. Easy words… but we back up our statement with a 100% satisfaction guarantee/returns policy.

Contact your local dealer about Launch Offers.

GC Column prices are also simple to work out as all columns having the same length and internal diameter have the same price irrespective of phase. This includes ‘specials’, custom application and other phase types as well as standard phase columns. The exception to this are the chiral phases which due to their more complex manufacturing, are a little more expensive.

GC Applications look-up database

Will a ‘DR-‘ column work for my separation? In most cases we can almost certainly guarantee a column that will separate your mixture. Search for your compound of interest to find a suitable gas chromatography column and separation system on the •red® GC Application Database.

Additional separations will be added in the future

GC Column Brochure

The range is supported by a 24-page brochure available in hard copy on application or downloaded here

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