Standard Chromatography Vials

Clear Crimp Top Sampler Vial

Clear Crimp Top Sampler Vial

With a focus on HPLC / GC Autosampler vials, high quality, low cost are the “•red approved” chromatography vials.

GC vials and HPLC vials suitable for autosamplers requiring 1.5ml vials, 1.8ml vials and 2ml vials.

Vials are:

  • produced from high quality Schott or Alcan tubing only
  • in Type I Class A (33 Expansion) glass for clear vials and
  • Type I Class B for amber vials (for light sensitive products)
  • 100% guaranteed.
  • From a quality, established European
  • Readily available, key lines stocked in UK
  • High specification, manufacturing
    tolerances available on request.
  • Low, controlled, impurities based on
    reliable sourcing from established tubular
    glass manufacturers.

Vials are available in Clear or Amber glass, with crimp cap, screw cap or snap cap closures.

Amber Chromatography Vials

Amber Chromatography Vials

Vials are also available with a ‘write on spot’.

Crimp neck vials have a wide 11mm opening.

Snap neck vials have a large 11mm opening.

Screw cap vials have a standard 9mm opening.

Closures available include standard aluminimum and magnetic steel for the crimp type.

Septas used include PTFE/red rubber, PTFE/white silicone, PTFE/Silicone/PTFE and also pre slit silicone septa.

Certificated vial and cap combination will also be available.

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