2mL Screw thread vials and caps

12 x 32mm Clear Glass Vial 130638

12 x 32mm Clear Glass Vial 130638

2mL Screw Cap Autosampler Vials

  • Large neck opening vials with 9mm neck finish
  • 1.8mL volume, standard size of 12×32mm diameter x height
  • Excellent for long term sample storage
  • Clear vials made from Type I Class A glass (33 expansion)
  • Amber vials made from Type I Class B glass (for light sensitive product)
  • Sold in packs of 100 or 1000 as stated
  • Manufactured to precise standards in the USA and/or EC
  • 100% guaranteed

Chromatography Vial

redanalytical produces the screw neck chromatography vial of choice.

red’s 9mm screw neck, 12×32mm chromatography vials include maximum recovery, restricted volume vials, restricted volume inserts and a variety of neck, base and closure types and are suitable for most chromatography autosampler requiring a 2mL vial.

Vials,1.8mL, 12 x 32mm

130638 Clear vial 1000 pack
130639 Clear vial write-on spot 1000 pack
130640 Amber vial 1000 pack
130641 Amber vial write-on spot 1000 pack
130638D Clear vial silanized 100 pack
130639D Clear vial write-on spot silanized 100 pack
130640D Amber vial silanized 100 pack
130641D Amber vial write-on spot silanized 100 pack

9mm Screw Caps. PTFE / Silicone

9mm Screw Caps. PTFE / Silicone

Screw caps with septa

9mm, polypropylene, unless stated.
130241BK PTFE/red rubber black 1000 pack
130241G PTFE/red rubber green 1000 pack
130241R PTFE/red rubber red 1000 pack
130241B PTFE/red rubber blue 1000 pack
130241Y PTFE/red rubber yellow 1000 pack
130242 PTFE/silicone black 1000 pack
130242G PTFE/silicone green 1000 pack
130242R PTFE/silicone red 1000 pack
130242B PTFE/silicone blue 1000 pack
130242Y PTFE/silicone yellow 1000 pack
130243BK PTFE/silicone/PTFE black 100 pack
130243G PTFE/silicone/PTFE green 100 pack
130243R PTFE/silicone/PTFE red 100 pack
130243B PTFE/silicone/PTFE blue 100 pack
130243Y PTFE/silicone/PTFE yellow 100 pack
130244BK PTFE/silicone with slit black 100 pack
130244G PTFE/silicone with slit green 100 pack
130244R PTFE/silicone with slit red 100 pack
130244B PTFE/silicone with slit blue 100 pack
130244Y PTFE/silicone with slit yellow 100 pack

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