Fused Silica Capillary GC Columns

dot red GC Column

dot red GC Column

A complete range of GC Capillary columns. Large selection of phases, lengths, diameters and film thickness

Fast, Conventional and Wide Bore GC columns available.

Stationary phases include, High Polarity (eg. 100% Cyanopropyl Polysiloxane), Apolar (eg. 100% Polydimethylsiloxane) and Intermediate Polarity (eg. 20% Phenyl, 80% Methyl Polysiloxan). Many other phases available, including phases for specific applications like Biodiesel analysis and Aromatics Amine analysis.

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red Phase Phase type Polarity scale
DR-1 100% Methyl siloxane low
DR-1MS 100% Methyl polysiloxane (low bleed) low
DR-5 5% Phenyl 95% Methyl polysiloxane low
DR-5MS 5% Phenyl 95% Methyl polysiloxane (low bleed) low
DR-13 13% Phenyl 87% Methyl polysiloxane low-medium
DR-624 3.5% Cyanpropyl, 3.5% Phenyl 93% Methyl polysiloxane low-medium
DR-20 20% Phenyl 80% Methyl polysiloxane low-medium
DR-1701 7% Cyanpropyl, 7% Phenyl 86% Methyl polysiloxane low-medium
DR-35 35% Phenyl 65% Methyl polysiloxane low-medium
DR-35 MS 35% Phenyl 65% Methyl polysiloxane (low bleed) low-medium
DR-17 50% Phenyl 50% Methyl polysiloxane medium
DR-17 MS 50% Phenyl 50% Methyl polysiloxane (low bleed) medium
DR-200 100% Trifluoropropyl methyl polysiloxane medium
DR-225 25% Cyanpropyl 25% Phenyl 50% Methyl polysiloxane medium
DR-225 MS 25% Cyanpropyl 25% Phenyl 50% Methyl polysiloxane (low bleed) medium
DR-50 50% Cyanpropyl 50% Methyl polysiloxane medium
DR-Wax 100% Polyethylene glycol high
DR-Wax MS 100% Polyethylene glycol (low bleed) high
DR-FFAP 100% Polyethylene glycol, acid modified high
DR-10 FAME 100% Cyanpropyl polysiloxane very high
red Phase Phase type
DR-AMINES Proprietary phase for basic compounds separation
DR-SOLVENTS A Proprietary phase for complex solvent mixtures separation
DR-DIRECT Proprietary phase for direct aqueous injection
DR-LIPIDS Proprietary phase for lipids analysis
DR-COPOLYMER Proprietary copolymer phase of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and methyl polysiloxane

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