press fit connectors

GC Column Retention Gaps

Conventional retention gaps offer a wider range of applications than Intelligent Retention GapsTM.
Typical uses are automated on-column injection, direct injection of large volumes and/or dirty samples.
Conventional retention gaps are lengths of fused silica tubing internally deactivated for:

General purpose applications
Apolar solvents
Polar solvents

Retention gaps are supplied without press-fit or ferrule type connector which are available separately.
Lengths available …more

Intelligent Retention Gap

•red® capillary  GC columns can be supplied with an ‘intelligent’ retention gap for use at the injector end of the column.
These are an extension of the analytical column tubing with no union required between the deactivated and analytical column sections.
In addition, columns can be produced having the deactivated section at the detector end either as …more