Scintillation Vials

Scintillation Vials 20mL

•redanalytical glass scintillation vial ideal for liquid scintillation counting.
20 mL Capacity Scintillation vial in low count glass with fitted foil lined urea formaldehyde screw cap.
Low potassium count (<13 cpm) raw material.
100% Guaranteed
•redanalytical also supply a number of moulded glass bijous, sample vials, storage vials, specimin vials and other laboratory glassware. Please just contact us …more

Head Space Vials

Head Space Vials 20mL

6mL, 10mL and 20mL glass vials suitable for GC Headspace application.
20mm crimp cap neck finish
Clear vials manufactured in Type I Class A glass (33 Expansion)
Pressure release seals offer a safety feature where the scored aluminium seal will open if the internal pressure reached 3.0 bar.
Sold in packs of 100
Manufactured to precise standards
100% guaranteed
Available in clear …more